Business Opportunities in Singapore

If you've been toying with the idea of creating your own business--and getting away from working for someone else ....

A couple of things to consider when creating a business:

  • Start by finding something that a lot of people want, and that solves a universal human problem.
  • Even better, find something that people purchase over and over once they start using it.

Unfortunately, most people don't think about these things when starting a business, so they pick something that only a small group of people want...

...and probably don't need to buy over and over.

Then they wonder why their business isn't setting any records.

Here's another consideration:

  • When starting a business it's always better if you can model the actions and thought-process of someone who has already successfully done what you want to do.

This is a huge time (and mistake) saver.

Here's why I'm telling you all of this:

If you've been thinking about starting a business, I know of something that fits all three of these criteria...

...including having access to someone who can (and will) guide you through all the steps.


Please continue to read on...


You can duplicate what we do, because as a tuition agency ourselves, we are making a commission of a minimum of SGD $1,000 per day.


When looking for business opportunities in Singapore, you need to find a market with a huge demand…a business opportunity that there are lots of buyers / customers…

Based on the Department of Statistics, Singapore’s tuition market was stated to be valued at $820 million in the year of 08′, up from $470 million in the year of 98′

We, are a tuition agency ourselves, and have been in this industry for 17 years. And today, you can venture into this recession proof business opportunity with our assistance.

Please get in touch with us by utilizing the contact form below for more information, if you’re absolutely serious about operating a tuition agency

We aren’t going to offer this particular business opportunity to too many individuals. We’ll shut down this opportunity when we feel that we’ve aided enough individuals.

We’ll aid you set up your very own tuition agency right now, this offer is for a limited time only. We will venture into other projects after that. 

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Business Opportunities in Singapore - What you Need to set up  a Tuition Agency?

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 1. A place and a phone
If you do not have an office, you can still work from home, Just make sure that you have a quiet place or room to do your work. Also, you need to get a phone line that used solely for this business.


 2. A presentable website
You need to have a presentable website that represents your tuition business. Most parents will want to take a look at your site to see what you can offer, how trustworthy are you, and how professional you are.


This is how we come into the picture.


- We not only create a professional tuition website for you (Free Domain name + Hosting for 1 year. Subsequent year about S$40/year only), but we also create:

- A beautifully designed FaceBook Business Page - For you to interact with the parents and tutors.

- A Google Plus Business page - Similar to Facebook, it is a social media platform for you to communicate with your visitors.

- A Youtube channel - a video to market and advertise your tuition business.



 3. Tutor Lists
We will teach you how to build up your own tutor database and how to acquire 10,000 home tutors to start the business instantly.


 4. Marketing your tuition business
To order to make profits, you need customers. If there are no parents calling you to find a tutor, then you will be in trouble.

You need business. So, what can you do to market your business???

Many people will try to distribute flyers, post free ads on classified websites such as gumtree, etc...However, most people end up quitting the business, because they do not see results.



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We started out our agency 17 years ago when we were looking for business opportunities in Singapore , we experimented with numerous marketing techniques and methods. We have wasted lots of money and time to find out which is workable and which is not…

Right now, you don't need to undergo all these hard learning curves. We'll let you know the actual  marketing strategies which we're utilizing. That is Formidable.

Please visit us to check out our statistics: You will find out how many parents contact us each day, and the amount of profits we make.



Additional Bonus

Top Primary School Test Papers
We provide 2014 Top primary school exam papers (soft copies) for you to offer it as a complimentary gift yo your customers, which includes English, Maths, Science, Chinese and Higher Chinese.

Hiring Co-coordinator
Training on how to find a co-ordinator to work for you, and how to train your co-coordinator so that you can get your business run on an auto-pilot.

Support/ Guidance
Guidance on other crucial and related queries you will likely have, after you've begun to operate your tuition business.


 ComparisonWhat We OfferOther Service Providers
Website CreationWe provide a professional wordpress based tuition website (more than 5 pages), and we write the content and provide images.A 5 pages website costs about S$900. You need to provide your own content and images.
Facebook Timeline Cover + Business  PageWe design the facebook  timeline’s cover and a Facebook business page for you. Again, content and images provided.

Market rate is about S$1,500 for the Facebook timeline’s cover + business page creation. You need to provide your own content and images.

Google Plus Profile + Business PageWe design the Google Plus  profile page’s cover + create a Google  business page for you.  Content and images provided.Market  rate for the design and creation of a  Google Plus business page is about S$1000. Again, you  need to provide your own content and images.
Youtube Video CreationWe create and upload a  Youtube video to your yourtube’s channel and website.

 Extra charges for any creation of video.  You can check out their rate.


Content Management System’s TutorialWe teach you how to manage  your own website, you will learn how to add or edit a page., insert  image and so on…Most companies only allow a fixed number of changes that you can make, you will need to pay extra fees if you want to make more changes.
Visitors' Spy

Video Recording every visitor session including scrolls, clicks and mouse movement. Track and spy your visitors' mouse movement for 1 year (Worth $600)

You can subscribe this feature from other vendors, they are charging at SGD $50/mth.

So you save $1,200 for the 2 years' usage of this service.

Powerful Plugin

These are the plugins we provide for your website: 

1. QR Code

Create and track unlimited QR Code from within the backend of your website. See Demo at the bottom of this page.

2. Image Library and Image Editing

This plugin allows you to insert copyright free images to your web pages with a click. Simply type in the keywords, and the suitable images will be available for you to use.

Additionally, you can edit the image like resize, crop, effects, add border, texts, shape 

Not Available
Build Your Own Tutors’ BaseYes. You will build up your own tutor’s list as we teach you how to get new tutors to register on your new website. You will eventually build up your own tutor list overtime.No.
Marketing StrategiesWe reveal our exact marketing methods, you just follow our methods and parents/ tutors will contact you naturally.One of our students had signed up with one of the tutors’ database renting company, they advised him to post ads on free classified sites to market this  business. DO YOU THINK IT IS EFFECTIVE?
Top Primary School Exam PapersWe provide 2014 top primary school exam papers, so you can offer these as a complimentary gift to your customers.No.
Hiring and Training Of CoordinatorsFollow our method to hire and train a tuition co-ordiantor to work for you. Materials provided to train the co-ordinators.No.



1. Standard Website Creation (Valued $688)
2. Facebook Business Page Creation (Valued $588)
3. Google Business Page Creation (Valued $488)
4. Youtube Channel + 1 Video Creation ($88)
5. WordPress (Content Management System) Tutorial - How to add/edit pages etc... (Valued $88)
6. A graphic pack for you to add pages to your site (Valued $45)
7. Software to insert Copyright-Free images from within the backend of your website (Valued $100)
8. Software to create QR Code - Create and track unlimited QR Code from within the backend of your website(Valued $100)
9. Visitors spy Software - Track your visitors' mouse movement, video Recording every visitor session including scrolls, clicks and mouse movement for 2 years (Worth $1,200)
10. Latest 2014 Top Primary School Exam Papers (Valued $60)
11. Guidance on how to hire and train your Co-ordinators (Valued $100)
12. Training on how to Market your tuition business and get customers (parents) to call you - Trade Secret (Valued $800)

* A training session is included in this package + lifetime consultation.

Total Value: $4,345



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